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17 March 2022

The IRIS Collective Gold and Silver Violet Flame Dragons


IRIS Collective

The IRIS (Interdimensional Remediators in Service) Collective is a group of Gold and Silver Violet Flame Dragons. They first appeared in my life two days ago, not long after connected with the White and Black Dragons. I was told that they came to complete the Trifecta of Dragons I needed to connect with for the Runic Dragon Healing modality I have channelled through. Yesterday, they also asked me to channel a message through for the Virgo Full Moon on Friday. You can check that out HERE.

29 January 2022

Chakra Removal--It's a Thing!



Sometimes, people ask questions that get our minds racing until we find the answer we need. This frenzied search for understanding always makes me feel close to Odin. Astrologically, we're nicely positioned for it at the moment too, with Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. I truly appreciate people who ask the tough questions, the brave questions that nobody has dared to ask before. I came across one such question in my social media feed yesterday, about the chakras

04 June 2021

Dogs and Dolphins from Sirius - Messenger from the Starseed Oracle


As some of you are aware, galactic whales and dolphins are from Sirius B and felidae (cat beings) and canidae (dog beings) are from Sirius A. Today's card from the Starseed Oracle is 'Messenger,' a card that carries the Sirius frequency. It felt highly synchronicitous when it appeared. You see, last night, I had a dream about my dog, Nimmy (a JackTzu), swimming in a large bowl of water (she is a very tiny dog) and looking up at me underwater. Essentially, she was swimming under water as if she were a dolphin, playing in the surf.