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02 September 2021

How to Tend the Flames of Your Heart


how to tend the flames of your heart

This morning, after my second 75 Hard workout and 5-minute cold shower, I was listening to  Dr Billy Alsbrook as I was getting dressed. The track below is probably my favourite track of his. I get so many goosebumps from it. It ignites my desire to express myself. On a 3 Lifepath, self-expression is everything. Somewhere along the line, I lost faith in myself and my creativity. I looked around at what everybody else was doing and started wondering if that was what I should be doing too... WRONG!

14 October 2012

Vitarka Mudra


Put your left hand up, then lift up your right!
Don't meditate or argue - radiate instead!
Do it when you rise and before you go to bed.
Speak your truth and share your second sight;
Own it; Work it - People need your light!