07 July 2022

The Georgia Guidestones Are Down -- What Does It Mean?


Yesterday morning, I felt guided to share the following social media update: 

So it felt kinda prophetic when I found out this morning that the Georgia Guidestones had been blown up by an unknown person (or persons) and then levelled to the ground by a professional demolition team as it was unsafe to leave the remains standing. I learned about this through following Akura's YouTube channel where she had posted the following message overnight:

Part of me feels like celebrating and throwing a party straight away. But I thought I'd better check with the cards first... What does this event signify to us Starseeds? And what does it mean to the service-to-self contingency?

Reading One -- What this means for us Starseeds

reading on the georgia guidestones coming down

It certainly looks like we have cause to celebrate today! The stones coming down fills us with hope and we are not wrong to feel hopeful. But now what? The Emperor is showing up to let us know that we must be organised moving forward. The choices we make from hereon in all count. 

We must start thinking of the structures and networks we develop now as foundations for future growth. We must think very long-term and consider the legacy we leave for future generations. Because we are at the starting point of building a whole new civilization and it must be done with a lot of forethought so that balance and harmony are achieved. So we do not want to put patriarchy on repeat.

Reading Two -- What this means for the dying powers

reading about the georgia guidestones coming down dying powers

I look at the Mother Dragon tending to her eggs in the first picture and the empty, burned-out egg in the third picture... and I don't think their eggs are going to hatch. It looks like their plan is going up in smoke because they are too concerned with clinging to their old glory. Their souls aren't supple enough to truly comprehend what is going on. 

Interestingly, these three cards render a quint of 20/XX Judgement. I think their days are well and truly numbered. The main battle has already been lost and the demolition of the Georgia Guidestones marks that event.

Yep, the party is definitely ON today... Woohoo!



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