10 March 2022

Weekend Starseed Guidance 11-13 March


weekend starseed guidance

A Message from Spirit for the Weekend

Wow, Spirit Warriors and Starseeds!

This is a POWERFUL weekend for clearing any energetic blockages.

You are taking your trust in yourself to another level.

So don't be afraid to dive deep and confront that which is still lurking in the shadows--Whatever it is that stands between you and authentic self-expression. Whatever it is that is binding you with fear.

You can see it all clearly now!

You know what is yours and what isn't.

Therefore, do whatever it takes to clear out these final disempowering remnants of your past.

You are not that person anymore. In fact, you never were. That wasn't the real you. That was the cowering version of yourself, the shy and hounded version who lacked faith in herself.

Yet you persevered.

You knew your day would come. You kept the faith that you would be able to embody your fully empowered Higher Self.

Affirm that you can now clearly discern outdated modes and habits that were born from fear and anxiety so that they can be released with ease... and it will be so!

Use journaling to support this process. I highly recommend doing 'Morning Pages' this weekend.


The quint based on Tarot numerology: 12 The Hanged Man

COSMIC ALERT! We have The Hanged man for the third time in only four days. This is further conformation from Spirit about the process we entered into recently, in this period leading up to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on the 12th of April. As some of you know, The Hanged Man corresponds with Neptune, ruler of Pisces. Please remmember that taking big action may not always be possible during this transitional phase. Use this time 'in suspension' constructively, for problem resolution and allowing the birth of a new perspective to emerge.

Meaning: a new perspective, dreams, illusion, delusion, the silver screen, sacrifice, futility, depression, punishment, devotion

Affirmation: I fearlessly confront my shadows so that a new perspective can be born. I flow with the process of transformation and initiation. I keep releasing what is no longer or what no longer serves me.

 Quote of the Day:

“Where there is much light, the shadow is deep.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Lisa Frideborg

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Deck used: Stardragons Oracle Cards and the Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle

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