24 March 2022

The Role of the Intergalactic Shaman - Part 2


intergalactic shaman

Today we continue exploring the role of the Intergalactic Shaman. You can read Part 1 HERE first if you need to catch up. This is the final part in this two-part series. I will probably blog more about related topics further down the line though.

Similarities Between an Earth Shaman and an Intergalactic Shaman

There are more similarities than there are differences. Both go through a process of initiation which is suited to personal requirements of the shaman and lasts for varying amounts of time depending on the progress and understanding of the individual. In a cultural context, the initiate is guided by a more experienced shaman in person. However, that is not always possible these days so there are now probably more self-initiated (or rather spirit-initiated) shamans of both Earth and Starseed origin than there are traditionally trained shamans.

The initiation process is often triggered by a healing crisis or a near death experience (NDE). The purpose of the process of initiation is for the shaman to experience a state of oneness where the illusion of being separate from Source and the web of life/wyrd is removed. This, in turn, means pushing past the confines of ordinary consciousness through various trials and ordeals. In a cultural context, the initiate is often deprived of both food and sleep and confronted with their mortality in order to achieve this state. In some traditions the person being initiated is buried alive and in others, he has to spend a night on his own among wild animals.

While most modern shamans don't typically follow the exact same steps, something similar does occur. Many use fasting to push beyond ordinary consciousness and ego limitations, for instance. Others may have a force majeur that happens after their initial awakening and that acts as the trial they need to become liberated of the illusion of separation. This event will be of such a magnitude that life simply cannot continue in the Status Quo. 

Perhaps the best archetype for the modern shaman, whether following a more traditional Earth-based path or doing work on an Intergalactic scale, is Odin, the God who sacrificed himself unto himself. Studying his process of self-initiation can be provide us with much wisdom. Personally, I feel that the gods of my Norse Ancestors may well have been Star Family who came to Earth to help humanity evolve.

Of course, some use plant medicine to gain the experience of having the ego illusion temporarily suspended. However, many Starseed Shamans simply do not need to use plant medicine and to some it may even do more damage than good.

Differences Between an Earth Shaman and an Intergalactic Shaman

The main difference lies in the types of medicine used. While an Earth Shaman typically will rely on animal spirit allies and plant medicine in healing ceremonies, for instant, an Intergalactic Shaman may use Star Family connections and light language/light codes in the ceremony. 

Sound is an integral part of both Earth-based Shamanism and Cosmic/Intergalactic Shamanism. Here the understanding does not really differ between the two but the Intergalactic Shaman may use sounds channelled from other Star Systems and even higher-dimensional sounds that cannot be heard by 3D ears.  

Both work with the spirits of the land but the Integalactic Shaman also works with the crystalline light grid and leylines of Mother Earth to correct imbalances on a global level. This type of work was also done by the Atlanteans, many of whom had ET origins.

The Intergalactic Shaman may also use crystals to directly channel and direct cosmic energy on the earth plane.

The Public Role of the Intergalactic Shaman

What is important to understand is that neither the Earth Shaman nor the Intergalactic Shaman can be incognito as they do their work. It would be like Emergency Services staff trying to do their work while blending into the background. All shamans assume the most powerful form possible in order to play their role well. In order to do this, they must journey to the Upper World to meet with and merge with an aspect of their ET Oversoul

This is not about pretending to be something or someone they are not. Rather it is about embodying an aspect of the Higher Self. This embodiment is the whole reason for the trials of the initiatory process. There can be no room for the light of the Higher Self if the person is filled with the dense energy of the ego-personality. 

The Intergalactic Shaman obviously still has an ego after the merging with this aspect of the Oversoul has taken place but the ego now lives on in deference to the Higher Self if the Shaman has dedicated himself to serve the Light.

Many who are called to do the work of the Intergalactic Shaman may still feel uncomfortable with stepping into the spotlight but it is necessary in order to be able to do the work. Sensitivities and the quest for a comfortable Earth life in peace and quiet must be sacrificed. There will be plenty of time for rest on the other side. Now it's time to be loud and proud so that the people and beings who need your help can find you. This guided meditation to help 'put on your Starseed skin' may be helpful to some


Lisa Frideborg aka Anandariel 

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