17 March 2022

The IRIS Collective Gold and Silver Violet Flame Dragons


IRIS Collective

The IRIS (Interdimensional Remediators in Service) Collective is a group of Gold and Silver Violet Flame Dragons. They first appeared in my life two days ago, not long after connected with the White and Black Dragons. I was told that they came to complete the Trifecta of Dragons I needed to connect with for the Runic Dragon Healing modality I have channelled through. Yesterday, they also asked me to channel a message through for the Virgo Full Moon on Friday. You can check that out HERE.

The White and Black Dragons work together with the Violet Flame Dragons. For instance, if the White or Black Dragons are invoked to create an energetic shift, the Violet Flame Dragons can help with the transmutation and integration of that shift. They can also be invoked before working with the White and Black Dragons to clear the space or cleanse your own energy.

The IRIS Dragons are excellent at transmuting fear into compassion. For instance, if you wake up in the middle of the night, feeling oppressed and anxious, you can invoke them. Open up to receive their energy at the level of your Soul Star chakra. Use your breath to guide their healing violet flame energy all through your energy system. Allow it to run between your Soul Star and Earth Star chakras. It is very quick and works in a few breath if you set a clear intention.

However, the IRIS Dragons have let me know that they can basically transmute anything into anything. Hence, they are some of the best allies you can have for any type of manifestation work.

You can also send this energy to others and command the dragons (there are millions of them) to clear up large areas after any traumatic event or natural disaster.

For chakra healing, in person or at a distance, you can use an amethyst pendulum while working with this energy if you feel that a tool of some kind might be beneficial. Sometimes, it is beneficial for your client (and your personality self) to see that you are 'doing' something. That said, you can direct this energy entirely with your mind.

The IRIS Violet Flame is the ray of Sovereignty. It also allows creative inspiration to flow freely. It's a ray of innovation and liberation that can remediate any form of stuckness. The IRIS Violet Flame can help you to quickly come up with solutions for longstanding problems. It restorse optimism and strengthens your connection with your life purpose. This, in turn, allows you to stay open to and embrace more of the possibilities in your life. 

Finally, at a more advanced level, the Violet Flame restores your ability to jump timelines with ease. It also provided clarity for discerning the best possible timeline for the Highest Good, so that all other timelines can be collapsed. However, this demands that you have done the required amount of shadow-work beforehand. Otherwise, your ego-personality will keep sucking you back into old patterns and timelines. You will need to reach a stage of complete surrender first and there can be no unforgivneness/resentment in your heart.

The IRIS Collective have come to Earth to help us ascend and to ease the transition from the Old to the New. They help us re-member and reconnect with our life purpose in this incarnation. And once they are invited in to guide us, they will keep nudging us to embrace that purpose fully. They invite us to step through the portal to embody the best possible version of ourselves, including the psychic gifts and clairs that come with that version. 

The IRIS Collective Gold and Silver Violet Flame Dragon Sigil

Self-attunement to the IRIS Collective Gold and Silver Violet Flame Dragons

Do this attunement standing up. The sigil consists of the runes Gebo, Eihwaz, and Dagaz. Draw the sigil (Geb-Ei-Dag) over your third eye and open up to receive the violet flame at the level of your Soul Star chakra (about a foot above the top of your head). Breathe the energy in and link up with your Earth Star chakra (about a foot below your feet). Breathe the energy up from the Earth Star to your Heart (placing your hands over your heart) and watch it spread through your energy field until your entire aura is pulsating with the Violet Dragon Flame.  

Now ask this energy to transmute a situation or unwanted energy - for the Highest Good - so that you can have proof that the energy is running correctly. Wait three days for this to be completed and the energy of attunement to be integrated. If nothing has happened/shifted in three days, you are not ready to work with this energy and you can try again a few months down the line.

I pray that working with this modality will serve you well!


Lisa Frideborg

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