09 March 2022

Starseed Guidance Thursday 10 March 2022


starseed guidance

A Message from Spirit for Thursday 10 March 2022

Dear Spirit Warriors and Starseeds,

You are like a sponge for the feelings of others right now.

Not all the emotional baggage you are carrying is your own.

Discernment is needed.

Slowing down and going within is needed.

Only then can you discern what isn't yours and let go.

Look after your emotional needs today.

It's more than okay to prioritise feeling okay.

Tune out of the consant fear-mongering around you.

Direct your attention to what lifts your energy and inspires you.

Affirm that you are returning to a state of innocence where you allow yourself to be lovingly and playfully connected to Spirit... and it will be so!

I love how the imagery in the Starseed Oracle 'Weight of the World' card dovedails so beautifully with yesterday's message

Remember and trust in that gentle flowing river of life.

Now is not the time to push forward.

Now is the time to tune into your heart and realign with the healing force of love.

 Spending time by or in water today, can help you release anything that isn't yours, even if it is just your shower at home. Visualise all energetic ties to things or people that drain you melting away and going down the drain.

The quint based on Tarot numerology: 6 The Lovers

Meaning: choice, friendship, love relationship, true love, conflict, relationship ending, indecision, poor choices

Affirmation: I purge and release what isn't mine to carry and I choose to feel at peace today

 Quote of the Day:

“The more clearly you understand yourself and your emotions, you become a lover of what is.”
― Baruch Spinoza 


Lisa Frideborg

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Deck used: Starseed Oracle and Sirian Starseed Tarot

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