01 March 2022

Starseed Guidance for the 2022 New Moon in Pisces


Tarot Draconis and Magical Dimensions Oracle

This New Moon in Pisces (click link for a Pisces New Moon Tarot Spread) on 2 March 2022 acts as a portal for the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction that is active 7-17 April and exact on 12 April. I'm sure many of you will have been feeling the nudge of the Dark Moon energies for the past couple of days or so. This is a great time for releasing the old and anything that is holding us back from radiating our true essence into the world. 

Purge and Let Go

During the days before the New Moon in the final sign of the zodiac, we tend to get our big annual invitation from Spirit as a collective to let go and make room for new energy to come in on the New Moon in Aries. Literally purge through ritual baths or visualise energetic cleansing of any stagnant or negative energy now. Smudging might work best for some of you. 

The more you allow yourself to let go, the better you will be at rebalancing your energy so that you can move forward in harmony with the energy of abundance. This is a great time for releasing any addictions or bad habits.

On tomorrow's New Moon in Pisces, you have every chance of manifesting the most creative and abundant timeline possible for yourself but not if you drag your old poverty consciousness with you. Do a manifesting exercise or meditation today, to remind yourself of your powers of manifestation. Tomorrow, 2 March, is the big day for setting intentions and you want to prime the pump so you're good to go!

Calling All Dragon Riders

The dragons of love, light, and harmony are seeking to partner up with any of you who feel the calling. Not all starseeds are dragon riders but I have been told that almost all of you who feel drawn to read this message are. If that is the case and you have yet to connect with your dragon guardian, tomorrow's New Moon is the perfect day for it!

Working with dragons will help you tap into the vast wisdom of creation, speed up manifestation and help you do healing work. Your dragon guardian will also keep you safe from less savoury entities. They are ferocious defenders of those whom they are bonded with. 


Lisa Frideborg

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Cards: Strength from the Tarot Draconis and Manifestation from the Magical Dimensions Oracle

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