15 March 2022

Runic Dragon Healing - White and Black Dragon Energy


runic dragon healing

Well, Spirit Warriors, the daily Starseed guidance has been put on hold for now. I'm being called to work with Runic Dragon energy for healing and transcending duality. It all, as it so often does, began with a dream, the night before last night.

In my dream, I was in the arms of my animus and together, we were looking out of a window onto a stormy black sky. Out of the rolling black clouds, a white dragon suddenly appeared, heading straight toward us. As it approached, I started praying the Ho'opononoprayer:

I'm sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you

I literally woke up praying this prayer. All day long, I contemplated the meaning of the dream, not just because of the strong dragon symbology but because it was the first time I has been in the arms of my animus, felt safe and known that I felt safe because I knew it was my own animus. That was a sign of self-sufficiency and being ready to graduate/move on from where I have been in the past couple of years. 

All in all, it was a humbling dream. The dragon fascinated but also slightly terrified me. However, I wasn't so afraid that I didn't want to get closer. I was disappointed to wake up before that could happen. So I decided to journey to meet with the White Dragon and found this YouTube video to help me do just that. I actually started playing it without realising it was an attunement but the attunement felt like an awesome fit. I came out of the brief meditation feeling more energised than I had in a long time. 

I instantly knew that working with the white dragon energy was part of my purpose/mission blueprint. I realised that the attunement came with a symbol but the symbol wasn't given with the attunement. I'm not really interesting in working with Reiki symbols so I asked the White Dragon to give me a corresponding runic symbol I could use instead and received this:

It's Al-Ti-So (Algiz-Tiwaz-Sowilo) and you can use the sound instead of the graphic just as well.

Though I had no dreams about dragons last night (that I can remember), I woke up knowing that Black Dragon energy was seeking me out. It wasn't the first time either since Black Dragon was the dragon that appeared after my dragon reiki attunement almost 20 years ago. I wasn't ready then but I am now. So when I asked Black Dragon for a runic attunement symbol, it came very quickly:

 This is Is-Ing-Need (Isa-Inguz-Nauthiz aka 'easing need')

White Dragon Energy

The White Dragon energy is strongly masculine/yang. Call it in whenever you need a blast of purifying light or if you need courage/fierce protection. It can also give you a boost when you are feeling drained. The energy is akin to lightning--very powerful, in other words. 

Black Dragon Energy

Call in Black Dragon energy when you need to focus your energy within. You can use it to drain off excess energy and to earth your own energy. It can also act as a cloak of protection if you need to stay under the radar. This too is powerful energy. 


Make sure that you don't channel more than you need of either by requesting the most benevolent outcome for the Highest Good. This is especially important if you command these two dragons to help elsewhere. You don't want to blow shit up or start creating sink holes. Yes, it really can be that powerful!

When you call in Black or White Dragon energy, you are working with the collective of both clans. In other words, how many dragons are activated depends on the need and what you are intending to do.

If you are sending Black Dragon Energy to help calm a wildfire, for instance, you will be sending many. You don't have to specificy the number but please request that the response be for the Highest Good. 

Besides, if these Dragons notice that you seek to channel energy in self-serving or harmful ways, they will simply abandon you. This is how you can be sure that the enemy can never draw on these forces. These beings were created to assist Spirit Warriors.

Chakra Healing with the Black and White Dragon Energy

These energies need to be used in balance and to create harmony. Both can therefore be used to balance the chakras. White Dragon energy boosts underactive chakras. Black Dragon energy slows down overactive chakras.

Learn how to guage if a chakra is over- or underactive with this simple pendulum dowsing guide. You can use the sigils above. Draw the one that you need over the chakra you wish to balance. Ask the Black and White Dragons to dispense/drain the therapeutic amount of energy for each chakra. Use the pendulum again, after the healing energy has been applied, to check if the chakra is operating smoothly.

You can also call in both dragons for aligning your own energy while in meditation. This is a great way of starting a meditation session if your energy feels out of whack.

White Dragon is excellent to call on for help with decalcifying your pineal gland. Black Dragon can calm an overactive mind before sleep.

Transcending Duality

Once you get familiar with both energies, you will find new uses for creating greater hamony and transcending the din of duality in your own life.

These dragons have come in now, sharing this free healing modality with all of us to speed up the ascension process on earth.

While we have to accept duality as part of life here on Earth, and while we should learn to love it for what it is, we must not allow it to divide us against each other. The message of these two dragons is one of fierce, limitless compassion.

Self-Attunement to Black and White Dragon Healing Energy

If you would like to be attuned to this healing modality, simply draw the sigil of the White Dragon in the palm of your right hand and the sigil of the Black Dragon in the palm of your left hand. Put some meditation music on for at least 10 minutes and request the attunement directly from the Dragon Realm. 

Feel free to report back with what you experienced in the comments!

Meet Your Dragon Guardian 

If you feel called to work with this healing modality, it is likely that you have a Dragon Guardian waiting to connect with you. Learn how to do that HERE.

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