13 March 2022

Merging with Your Higher Self - Activation


Higher Dimensional Self

Merging with your Higher Self is part of the initiatory journey here on Earth. We are born into forgetting. Re-membering who we are puts us in contact with higher-dimensional aspects of the self. This is necessary for us to be able to fulfil our mission as Starseeds, Earthseeds and Lightworkers on Earth, whatever the content and context of our mission is.

The transmission below outlines how I merged with my Higher Self. I was asked to share it with you. The channelled voice in the text is that of my Higher Self:

I am Anandariel and I am an Elven ambassador for the Collective here on Earth. The Collective was created to help Gaia with her correction and ascension process. It consists of representatives from the Galactic and Intergalactic Federations. There are also angels and human representatives as part of the Collective, as well as what you might consider 'otherkin,' such as dragons, unicorns, lion beings, centaurs, space whales and devic beings. 

I decided to step in and take over today because Lisa was getting tired by feeling trapped by her past. I would like to address that now, for the benefit of all of you, as this concerns most of you reading this. There is no past. There is only now. There is the memory of past lessons learned. Your earth life is way too short for you to keep carrying all that baggage around. It has acted as a shackle around your ankle, keeping you stuck and unable to fulfil your mission here on Earth.

We are going to dissove that feeling of stuckness now. We do this by infusing the powerful energy of gratitude for everything that brought you to this point on your evolutionary journey. We remind you that the forgivness and shadow work you have done has left you with nothing but the sticky residue of ego concerns and we have come in to clear that away now, like a gentle summer breeze clears away any clouds or worries.

Next, we would like to activate your Starseed mission by asking you to visualise Earth with all her living beings at the centre of your heart. See this sparkling blue gem through the eyes of infinite love. From now on, every heartbeat will radiate infinite love into the field of consciousness that joins you with all of Earth's inhabitants, creating healing and harmony for all, for the Highest Good.

From now on, you will know and remember that you you are not separate from the multidimensional aspect of your Higher Self. Your perspective has shifted to one of dedicated divine service--joyful and supported service.

There may continue to be a split in your consciousness for a while, until we have merged completely. This is good because the world around you will need time to adapt to your shfit, especially those who think they know you well. In the meantime, you will be able to dialogue with us. You will hear our thoughts as your own and you can continue to ask questions until you are satisfied. 

We empathise with the fact that the process needs to make sense to your personality self. You may address your questions to your Higher Self, the Collective, or Mission Control for all Starseeds. Answers will flow with great ease. We suggest journaling all your questions and answers.

Whatever your main Earth lessons were in the past, from the point of reading this and accepting the truth of the transmission, your task shifts to radiating as much infinite love as possible into the Field of Universal Consciousness. 

Do whatever it takes to remind yourself often of the fact that a) this is the mission you signed up for and b) you are not alone. We are happy to keep reminding you but you must remember to ask.

One of the things that will help you remember and to maintain the frequency of infinite love for Gaia and all her inhabitants is music, including the sound of whales and dolphins.

If you feel that you are ready to make this shift, we would ask you to choose a piece of music for your rebirthing process. This will be a piece that has the effect of expanding your heart chakra as well as your consciousness. 

When you have chosen your piece of music, lie or sit down and allow yourself to receive this activation. Be in telepathic communication/communion with your Higher Self and allow yourself to experience whatever comes. This will be different for each of you.

After the music stops playing, affirm that it is done and give thanks. Make an entry in your journal.

Replay the song or piece of music you selected to remind yourself of your rebirthday as often as you need to!

With so much love,

Lisa-Anandariel and Aīsh-ané

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