14 February 2022

Taking My Power Back - Tarot Reading


taking my power back tarot reading

Today, I'm sharing a reading with the new spread I created for my Angelorum blog. It's the Own Your Power Tarot Spread and I'm reading with the Morgan Greer Tarot deck. 

After connecting with the work of John Lamb Lash and listening to several of his videos over the past few days, as well as reading 'Not In His Image,' I keep having my mind blown.

A profound shift is taking place within me thanks to these Sophianic teachings. The cards confirm as much. And it goes much deeper than the intellect. I've had some mind-blowing experiences, beyond even what I experienced at the Cancer Full Moon. The deep sense of being deeply connected to the indwelling presence of the Mother is also more than just a feeling. 

This connection with Divine Mother is something that connects me to the world around me in new and more profound ways. There is a deep sense of belonging and being in communion with all of creation that flows from this... I can't even put words on it but it is also spilling over into my dreams. The dreams I have now are more meaningful and I am gradually becoming more lucid in dreamtime. 

The Reading

1. Lingering archontic programming - 10 of Swords: This is the very last of it now as witnessed by the 10 of Swords. Dawn is breaking on the other side of it. What hurts the most is that it took me this long and it's probably best to just draw a line under the past. The future cannot and will not be anything like the past.

2. Challenge to clearing it - 9 of Cups: To remain in a state of joyful anticipation. It is needful to remind myself that the power to manifest new and better things stems from a positive mindset.

3. What I know deeply - The World: This is the end of one cycle of my life and the beginning of the next. I love that The World, Gaia-Sophia herself, showed up here!

4. My blind spot - 6 of Cups: Attachments to and expectations of people. Let them all go. None of that matters any more.

5. How I used to relate to personal power - The Devil: Well this really says it all, doesn't it? I had no sense of personal power so my projections on authority figures would have reflected that. This is obviously why I was a prime candidate for a victim-perpetrator Messianic religioun

6. How I relate to personal power now - Page of Pentacles: This is a very potent and 'pregnant' card. The Page of Pentacles is pregnant with power because she is rooted in what is real. She is Earth of Earth so she is intimate with and has an 'innerstanding' of her Source. The Page of Pentacles draws on the innate wisdom of her own body. She flows with the tides and cycles of nature. She is whole because she knows that everything is holy. And she keeps learning how it all hangs together. This is just the start of a new journey... deep into the heart of Gaia.

I feel this is the final step on my journey of deconstructing my Judeo-Christian programming. I may have thought I was done before this but the work of JLL opened my eyes to the deepest layers of the archontic contamination I had been subjected to without realising it.


Lisa Frideborg

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