31 January 2022

My Personal Year of the Water Tiger Tarot Reading


my personal year of the tiger tarot reading

Earlier today, I shared some of the key themes for the Year of the Water Tiger which starts tomorrow. The New Moon in Aquarius on Tuesday, 1 February, is the first day of the Chinese New Year's celebrations in 2022.

Reading with the Tarot Draconis:

1. How my energy meets that of the Water Tiger - 3 of Wands. I'm proactive and ready to go. I meet this energy with gusto. As an Earth Rooster, I will attempt to shape the Water Tiger energy to a certain extent but I'm also looking to connect with it in meaningful ways, so that I can grow creatively.

2. What I need to be aware of in terms of the Hero’s Journey - The Emperor. Integration of masculine energy. Taking charge of the sort of legacy I wish to leave behind. Assuming leadership, at least for myself but possibly in a group setting as well since the card sits above the 3 of Wands which is a card of networking.

3. How restlessness might affect me - 5 of Swords. The temptation is always to go down some Internet rabbit hole and occupy my mind. So I will NOT be doing this.

4. What I need to be aware of before I take any leap this year - King of Swords. Be wise and do your due diligence in terms of strategising and coming up with a plan.

5. The area of my life where I should expect to take the biggest leap - 7 of Pentacles. The 7 of Pentacles resonates with the area the Chinese Astrologer I listened to earlier today for what to expect as a Rooster in the year of the Water Dragon. The main areas affected for me will be health and daily habits/the daily grind. Apparently, provided I work hard, I should be able to able to see improvements in the work sector of my chart. 

As a Rooster-Capricorn (Bee in the New Astrology), I'm no stranger to or enemy of hard work... Bring it! Although with the 7 of Pentacles there is also an element of a late harvest coming in, off work begun earlier. I wouldn't complain if that were the case. Patience may be needed during quiet times. That is when I must buckle down, remember that I'm responsible for the legacy I leave behind and not allow myself to get distracted by online temptations.***

Basically, it all comes down to the daily habits I have in place this year. After doing 75 Hard and reading Atomic Habits, I really get what a difference good habits makes. I've already reaped many benefits from tweaking my daily schedule. 

Taking a Leap in the Year of the Tiger

But how am I expected to take a leap? The 7 of Pentacles isn't in and of itself the kind of energy that invites leaping. It's more of a slowly plodding and patient energy. I needed more information so I pulled cards from the Unicorns Oracle by Paolo Barbieri (Metamorphosis + Mystery) and from the Gilded Reverie Lenormand (Ring + Letter + Book).

The guidance from the Unicorns seem to point to an inward leap into the Quantum Dimensions of reality. The writing work produced from that could result in some kind of contract. Interesting! Well, one thing is for certain: I will be writing daily. Doing 'Morning Pages' is part of my daily routine now and it's been a game changer in terms of increased clarity. 

I can't recommend The Right to Write by Julia Cameron ('inventor' of the Morning Pages) highly enough! As a blogger, I can vouch for how priming the pump first thing in the morning makes blogging so much easier! Writing with a view to publishing a book would certainly bring metamorphosis. But. (There shouldn't be a BUT!) The resistance is enormous. I love blogging. I do NOT love book writing. So either I start loving it or it won't happen. Simples. 

***Looking back over what I wrote higher up and weighing it against Julia Cameron's advice, I should relish those quiet times and steal as many writing moments as I possible can. I could use those writing moments for writing that book. I'm using could rather than should about getting the book written. I'm being indecisive, Year of the Tiger style. 

Happy Year of the Tiger, my friends!


Lisa Frideborg

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