30 January 2022

February Unicorn and Dragon Forecast


february unicorn and dragon forecast

Having posted the customary individual February Tarotscopes for all 12 Zodiac signs on my main blog, I thought it would be fun to do a wee February Unicorn and Dragon forecast for the collective. What energies are we playing with this month? What lessons do we need to learn? Where are we heading collectively?

Not a Snowman from the Unicorns Oracle by Paolo Barbieri is a heads up that many are awakening to how malleable reality is and just how much of an artist's illusion has been presented to us through legacy media channels. It will truly blow some minds and make the scales go flying off the eyes of some of the true believers in the Beeb and other pedo-owned 'news' outlets. 

However, this is no easy liberation. The power of a denial is a real force, as shown by the 8 of Swords from the Tarot Draconis. You can awaken and just as easily choose to to go back to sleep because awkening proves to be too painful. Also, once you realise you have been lied to, you don't necessarily automatically know who to trust to be telling the truth. It's easy to become a 'truth agnostic' and stick one's head back in the sand.

Those who will fare the best in this late wave awakening that is taking place in February are those who are truly in tune with their own gut feelings; those who trust their intuition and who value the nudges of their hearts more than what they are told is true by others. We each have a True North. This True North is tied in with the great mystery, with seeing and appreciating that both we and life itself is just that... a Great Mystery that needs to be carefully navigated from the heart. 

Interestingly, I predict that those in this latter category who truly start trusting their inner knowing will prosper in more ways than one: financially and biologically as well as feeling more clear about what is happening in the world. This is obviously because understanding the energies at play is what is required for us to make the most of them and to not miss out on any opportunities to improve our station in life.

So which category do you fall into? Have you been awake to the lies going all the way back to the spring of 2020, were you a second-waver... or are you only now starting to wake up to the scale of the lies we have been fed?

More importantly, how will you contribute to the future of mankind? Remember, you can only leave a truly awesome legacy if you trust in your own North Star!

Check out the week ahead pick-a-pile Tarot forecast for the first week in February--It's a BIG energy week!!


Lisa Frideborg

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