29 January 2022

Chakra Removal--It's a Thing!



Sometimes, people ask questions that get our minds racing until we find the answer we need. This frenzied search for understanding always makes me feel close to Odin. Astrologically, we're nicely positioned for it at the moment too, with Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. I truly appreciate people who ask the tough questions, the brave questions that nobody has dared to ask before. I came across one such question in my social media feed yesterday, about the chakras

The person asking wanted to know if working with the chakras was actually beneficial to us. As expected, some religious fundamentalists jumped on with the obvious answer that it was all demonic straight away. But, to my delight, there were many much more subtle answers and counter-questions in the thread. 

This made me dive into my own research. I was especially keen to go deeper since I have devoted the whole month of January to doing chakra healing through daily guided meditations. To say that I have been underwhelmed by the effect is no exaggeration. Any slight improvement, such as feeling a bit less chaotic, was offset when I missed a day earlier this week. It seems the more energy I was putting into clearing, balancing and maintaining the harmony of my chakras, the more work I had to keep doing, or I would slide down into a state that was worse than before. 

Of course, this is not my first round of doing chakra work. As a healer, I have been through many time periods of working more intensely with the chakras. I also studied the chakra system in-depth during my spiritual healing studies with the NFSH (now the Healing Trust) and reading various books about healing.

But as a healer, I have also never noticed any real break-throughs when doing chakra work. This goes both for the work I have done on myself, as well as when I have helped clients. On the other hand, I have experienced a couple of true healing miracles (no existing scientific explanation) and neither of them concerned the chakras (at least to my knowledge/understanding). 

As someone who occasionally is able to view the energy body clairvoyantly, I have been able to verify that I can see the chakras by describing what I see remotely and having the other person confirm what I see. We are often aware of blockages in these energy centres ourselves... but is this a sign that they need healing... Or is it a sign that we should remove them?

'Wait, what?! Did you say, REMOVE the chakras, Lisa?'

Yes, I did.

Until yesterday, I didn't even know this was a thing but thanks to the social media post that I was clearly meant to stumble across, I started doing some research. It is entirely possible to remove the chakras, though apparently, the people doing such work can't seem to quite agree whether or not the chakras can be 'reinstalled' after or not. I tend to believe they can be but everything is hypthetical for me at this moment since I haven't tried removing mine... yet. 

Earlier this morning, I shared my thoughts on the chakras in a Facebook post:

I'm having my mind blown a bit at the moment, thanks to someone asking a question about the chakras yesterday. This led to some research and urgently wanting to know the answers to the following questions: 
What are the chakras and what are they for? Can we have them removed? Would we benefit from having them removed? 
The readings and research I have done so far seem to indicate that we would benefit from having them removed (or removing them ourselves). Why? Because they connect us to the Matrix for the purpose of programming. 
The chakras are receptors that fragment and divert our attention from the whole which is Truth and Love. They keep us tied to our stories and the drama of life. 
They may also have been put in place for us to be used as energy generators by less benevolent entities. So in that sense, they may act as two-way valves, especially when fear is generated from the drama we experience. 
Are the chakras of any benefit to us as individuals? I'm at the stage of hypothesising but I do not think they are. Any REAL healing miracles I have experienced have never involved the chakras...

The healing miracles I experienced involved two simple steps: 1) Connecting with the person in need of healing through the heart (not the heart chakra) and 2) Opening up for Divine healing to flow, acting simply as a channel for that healing. There is a great sense of unity when this happen. I can easily, thanks to experience, contrast this to the great sense of fragmentation that happens when I try to focus on the chakras, one at a time. 

So, I guess the next question I'll be searching to answers for is if kundalini is actually a form of hijacking of our energy system rather than the enlightened state some view at as...? Here I do lack experience. I can't claim to have had a 'kundalini awakening' and now I'm not so sure it's something I am going to aim for either. 

ETA: I just had someone who is a Reiki healer comment, "As someone who practices Reiki I couldn’t imagine not having my energy centres. Everything has energy from people to whole galaxies. If we cut ourselves off from source we wouldn’t exist?"

My answer: "You'd still have energy centres (...) Usui himself never taught the chakra system. When I studied Jikiden Reiki (the original form of Reiki), our teacher emphasised this a lot. You don't need to work with the chakras to use Reiki. 

The search for answers goes on...


Lisa Frideborg

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