08 November 2021

Star Ancestors -- I Feel the Gods in My Body


Star Ancestors

Our body is a masterpiece of the cosmos. Our body carries within it the stars, the moon, the universe, and the presence of all our ancestors. How many millions of years of evolution has it taken to give rise to these wondrous two eyes, legs, feet and hands?
- Thich Nhat Hanh

Did you miss me? Sorry for not blogging on here in the past couple of months but I had to focus on getting through the 75 Hard program. I completed this on Friday, 5 November, and am very pleased with the process of growth and transformation that took place in this mental toughness challenge. Not even for a second did I contemplate giving up before reaching the finishing line. Most of the good habits I implemented, I will keep in my life--especially the reading and working out daily. I'm not going to miss having to take a daily progress picture or chugging a gallon of water a day though.

Some time ago, while still doing 75 Hard, I decided to dedicate myself to following the old gods of my Norse ancestors in the New Year (at Samhain) to see what I can learn from them about myself and life in general. I have written some more about my thinking around this decision in my post about Connecting with Odin for anybody who is interested. 

Today, I want to elaborate a bit on why this feels relevant and like the right path for me. On one level, it makes no logical sense to circle back to a spiritual path that has been dead for a thousand years and that nobody really knows how to walk any more. How it actually makes the most sense to me is that I see the gods as our star ancestors. Because they came to Earth from Higher Dimensions, they were more directly aware of other realms and how to bend energy. Some of them, no doubt, came here on a mission to educate humanity, and to teach us both practical and magickal skills.

Back in the day, my Norse ancestors actually viewed the gods and spirit beings as their ancestors. Though this is well-documented for the royal families that were said to direct descendants of Odin, it's equally true of all of us. 

Hooking up to our most ancient, wise and mysterious ancestors at this time makes a lot of sense. We need their wisdom and magick more than ever. Only they can help us expertly navigate all the nine realms and bring out what we need from them. Only they can help us see the bigger picture for the current situation as well as where we are heading.

The gods are in our DNA, just like our other ancestors. And now that I connected with several of them through journeying, I feel them in my body. It's not difficult to reach them but we do have to be disciplined enough to do the rituals and ceremonies to connect with them.

They all want us to remember that we too are magickal beings and to use that magick, every single day. This is how we truly honour the ancestors. But this doesn't mean we have to do things exactly the way they did them. They don't expect us to. Watching us from the other side, they are well aware that we live in different times. What they do want us to do is to access their wisdom within. This is potential that lies dormant within all of us, even the most hardcore of muggles. 

There is no dichotomy whatsoever between walking the path of the Old Ways and at the same time learning from someone like Yeshua or Lao Tzu.The only ones telling you that you can't do this if you also do that are the ones that seek to manipulate you for their own gain. I learned this when I once and for all realised that there was nothing stopping me from reading Tarot cards and the Bible, for instance. Nobody but me gets to define what is permissible and possible for me. Oh, and by the way, Paul did say ALL things are permissible... ;)


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