02 September 2021

How to Tend the Flames of Your Heart


how to tend the flames of your heart

This morning, after my second 75 Hard workout and 5-minute cold shower, I was listening to  Dr Billy Alsbrook as I was getting dressed. The track below is probably my favourite track of his. I get so many goosebumps from it. It ignites my desire to express myself. On a 3 Lifepath, self-expression is everything. Somewhere along the line, I lost faith in myself and my creativity. I looked around at what everybody else was doing and started wondering if that was what I should be doing too... WRONG!


Spirit Warriors have to believe in themselves. Knowing and believing in ourselves is a third chakra issue. The solar plexus chakra is our seat of personal power and COURAGE. A weak 'Why' denotes a lack of Fire and a weak solar plexus chakra. You have to find a 'Why' big enough to make you invincible.


I was curious to see how the Starseed Oracle would frame this ignited sense of purpose and desire for self-expression and I wasn't disappointed. 

The card above is 'Star Keeper.' In the companion book for this card it says, 'The more you tend to the flames of your own heart, the more love you'll anchor onto this planet.' TRUTH! A strong sense of purpose helps us put roots down. Those roots then nourish us so that we can go from strength to strength.


So how do we do it? How do we tend to the flames of our hearts? It takes self-mastery. There will be no fire in our hearts if the solar plexus chakra is out of whack. The companion booklet for the oracle doesn't give us an outline for how to fix that but the lyrical YouTube 'sermon' by Billy Alsbrooks does. Listen carefully!

Fire 🔥

Truth 🗣️

Music 🎶


Lisa Frideborg

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