29 June 2021

Weight of the World - Starseed Oracle

Starseed Oracle Weight of the World

On my journey through the Starseed Oracle, I have arrived at 'Weight of the World.' This is happening at a time where I'm learning what it feels like to completely let go and let God, vs trying to save the world and fix every wrong I come across. 

The relief of the former versus the strain of the latter has come into focus for me in the past couple of days. I know which one to choose but I am at a stage where I to consciously keep making the coice of being at peace. I keep falling down and am easily tempted by the drama of the world around me.

Point in case is my most recent post on the situation with the reshuffle of Health Secretaries.

It's not wrong to do a reading like that. What happens in the world does matter and we need to be wise to it. However, if I keep directing all my energy toward those sorts of things, I'll dim my soul light rapidly and won't be able to function as the lightworking Starseed I came here to be.

Hence it's a fine balance to keep. Daily recalibration is needed but the most important part is to start the day right. I find that my current routine sets me up really well. I start with prayer and meditation, followed by reading of wisdom literature and Qi Gong. Where I go wrong is when I reach for my phone at any stage before I have done all three. 

The Tarot card of the day, 5 of Swords, is an excellent reminder to be mindful of that sort of temptation and to resist it in order to preserve a sense of equanimity.


 Lisa Frideborg

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