22 June 2021

The Seven Star Sisters



Surrender to the will of the Divine 

and watch what is born through you

Become the vessel, the Holy Grail

and carry the DNA of the One

Forward on a wave, a rolling wave -

a wave that never reaches a shoreline

The rhythm of this wave is your heartbeat

Through this pulse comes every impetus 

to keep moving forward, to push out further from your safe haven

To create, you must cease to exist 

as an individual drop in the limitless ocean;

You must become part of something bigger

and allow yourself to be carried

Every creative block is the struggle of the 

drop against the tide, against the current and the wave

What is truly created rather than fabricated is always born of God

through radiance, in flow, and always for the Highest Good

So release and keep releasing

Let go and let God

Empty yourself and FLOW!


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♬ Merlin - Salvador Candel

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