14 June 2021

The Bigger Picture


bigger picture big picture thinking starseed oracle

This is the Starseed Oracle card I pulled to align and connect with my Star Family and my mission today. And boy is something BIG going down today. The lies have just exploded as the government is seeking to manipulate us into a lockdown extension. The pushback is equally MASSIVE. People are protesting in London and I wish I could be there.

All I can do today is tweet and try to expose some of the most blatant lies, such as my MP having a fake jab (no gloves/PPE on person giving it to her) and messing up with the date on her 'vaccination card' (read prop). I strongly suspect the retracting needle though it could have been a saline shot. Whatever she was given it won't be what has killed or maimed so many already, even some relatively public people not important enough to be given the VIP jab.

If you see the bigger picture, you know this isn't about politics but about a globalist takeover. The end goals of this takeover coincide with what has been outlined in Agenda 2030 and the WEF COVID-19 platform. Coincidentally, the 200+ levels deep COVID-19 platform was fully operational before the 'pandemic' (lol) was unleashed on us plebs.

This, in turn, meant that the already wealthy could amass more wealth by planning their investments in accordance with the plan, while doing their NWO masters' bidding. You see, the masters (already trillionaires) don't care about the money -- they ONLY care about CONTROL. If you want to boil that control down, all you have to do is look up the Georgia Guidestones

It's time to mount the counterattack. May it not be too late. I'm feeling my inner Joan of Arc exploding into being. Enough is enough! Talk of 'White Hats' is just a distraction it seems. I've seen none of them. I do have faith in Reiner Fuellmich but are we on the timeline where he succeeds? And if we're not, then what?

I know that I would rather die fighting than go down muzzled and on my knees. So there is that. And I guess that's what I mean by channelling my inner Joan of Arc. Would I take up arms against a totalitarian power that seeks to harm children. Oh yes, I would!

But the BIGGEST picture is that none of it matters as much as my peace of mind. That's what I know without doubt when I take the bird's eye view of my Higher Self. When I'm in that space, I know that no matter what happens, they cannot hurt any of us, not even the weakest and most defenceless. They can hurt our form and they can enjoy slaking their thirst in our blood but they can never be happy or at peace and we can never be destroyed. 

And so the meek shall inherit the Earth and establish the Age of the Holy Spirit.

Love wins.


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