16 June 2021

My Soul Song


A Wordless Song - Starseed Oracle Whale and Oraca Elders

In my dreams, the song of my soul is wordless. It's a song of movement, or a dance in other words. It spirals upward. When I have to speak, I want my words to have that lyrical quality. Otherwise they have no meaning.


I often despair at how words just create more division, whereas a hug or a smile have the wordless power to heal. Words are so incredibly powerful but most of the time, the way we use them is from a place of ignorance and darkness. How different a world it would be if our words danced with light.

We all know that music heals. The sounds of whales and dolphins are often set to relaxing music. Have you ever tried lying down and listening to music like that? Here is one of my favourite tracks.

My mother once told me that when she fell pregnant with me, she could feel my soul dancing into her womb. For a long time, I was a dancer (ballet) and then a dance teacher (character dance). In my dreams, I still dance and those are always my favourite dreams.

Of course, I have already shared about my dancing with dolphins dream which brought with it a miracle healing. So if I had to film a video titled 'My Soul Song,' it would look like that dream.

This is just a theory but I think that my mother was toward the end of her incarnation cycle here on Earth. She got very weary of words toward the end of her life and developed dementia (perhaps so she wouldn't have to use them). 

When we merge back into the Monad, words cease. They begin again on God's exhale. I like the wordless song; The sacred song with the upward pull is the most beautiful song I can think of. It pulls you into the complete stillness and silence of God's peace.




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♬ Whale Music - harvoYT

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