21 June 2021

Solar Logos Summer Solstice Tarot Reading


Summer Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice, fellow Starseeds! Hope you are well and enjoying the sunshine at peak power. Naturally, it's overcast where I am. I live in the North of England, after all.

But this doesn't stop me from celebrating the longest day of the year. Last night after an evening walk in some bonus sunshine (picture evidence above), I did my summer solstice reading, using the Solar Logos Summer Solstice Tarot Spread (click link for the layout and additional info) and the Medieval Europe Tarot deck.


My Solar Logos Summer Solstice Tarot Reading

  1. The current lesson for the development of your solar logos - Queen of Coins/Pentacles. The focus needs to be on staying grounded and looking after my physical health. Now is the best time of the year to lay a solid foundation for good vitality levels through the dark half of the year.
  2. The main challenge to peak radiance (expression of ego blocking Spirit) - 5 of Swords: Yes, I'm aware. I definitely spend too much time online doing research and sharing my views on the current scamdemic. I need to be more like the guy in the card who is getting away from it all by climbing up the tree.
  3. What you are aware of and what goodness you are able to radiate into the world - 8 of Cups: I am able to distance myself from the drama of it all. I take higher ground (even if I have to keep taking it) and hopefully inspire others to do the same.
  4. What you are unaware of which triggers reactive responses - 4 of Swords: When old reactive patterns rear their ugly heads, it's could be because I'm not completely done deconsctructing my Christian faith. Why would I say that? Because the imagery of a Knight in prayer who looks like he may be part of a crusade actually triggers me. While I don't question my faith in Christ, there are still many pieces of religious baggage to unpack. Of course, most churches being complicit in government tyranny at the moment doesn't help.
  5. This must be burned away for your Christed self to shine - 10 of Wands: I'm not meant to save the world or carry this burden until it destroys me. I can only do my part and trust in God for the rest.
  6. This awaits once you become more aware (next step on the journey) - Jupiter: This is one of the 'extras' in this 86-card Tarot deck. Jupiter is known as the great beneficent. It's a very good sign that if I heed the message in this reading, I will be able to expand my life soon and not feel the restrictions imposed, whether they actually get lifted or not. 


Lisa Frideborg 

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