08 June 2021

Mind Reboot Tarot Reading for the New Moon in Gemini Solar Eclipse


This morning, during my usual morning meditation, I connected with Mother Mary via the blue angelic ray. She stepped forward with a message about keeping my mind like the eternally blue skies above the clouds. That is exactly the kind of mind reboot I'm hoping to manifest on the New Moon in Gemini Solar Eclipse. 

I was curious if this message would be reflected in my own reading with the Mind Reboot Tarot spread that I created for this lunation. I was drawn to work with The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne. I also pulled one card from one of my new favourite oracles, the Dragon Wisdom Oralce by Arana Fader.

Mind Reboot Tarot Reading with the Muse Tarot

Mind Reboot Tarot Reading with the Muse Tarot

1. This thought pattern or habit prevents me from having peace of mind - 2 of Pentacles: This is Jupiter in Capricorn energy. It's true that I'm a workaholic. I'm constantly trying to bring myself peace by doing more instead of going within.

2. This thought pattern or habit prevents me from cultivating compassion - The World: Saturn, my Capricorn Sun Sign ruler and another sign that I'm harshing it out a lot when I could be resting in the arms of Mama. Sometimes, focusing on the things nearer to home is better for cultivating compassion rather than worrying about or trying to save the whole world.

3. For the next six months I should focus my mind on this - The Lovers: Making loving and compassionate choices every step of the way. Maybe ask myself, 'What would Mary do?' before I jump in. Having an image of the azure blue sky in my mind might help too. Working with colour vibrations for making the wisest and most loving choices feels like the way forward. And I love that this is THE Gemini energy card in the Tarot - talk about confirmation about the importance of this reboot!

4. And in doing so, I should nurture this - Page of Inspiration/Wands: A playful spirit. Work less, play and laugh more. Oh boy, okay - tough but I will do my best!!

5. Then the result will be this - Ace of Vocies/Swords: Clarity, single-mindedness. Overcoming the duality of the 2 of Pentacles. Unity consciousness. Woohoo!! Talk about REBOOT!!

Further guidance from the Dragon Wisdom Oracle: The Dragon of Peace shows up on the blue angelic ray to show that I have support during this mind reboot from the Dragonfae as well. The affirmation for this card is, "I am the expression of Divine Peace; Peace is within me."


Lisa Frideborg

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