24 June 2021

Matter Matters - A Full Moon in Capricorn Tarot Reading


Full Moon in Capricorn

On the day of the Full Moon in Capricorn, my card of the day is the King of Pentacles. Just before I pulled my daily Tarot card, I was listening to James Finley's book about the teachings of Meister Eckhart. He talks about how both a fear of dying and longing for death means that you haven't learned how to live fully. I'm guessing that learning how to live fully is one of the reasons I incarnated as a Capricorn Sun sign this time around.

With my Moon in watery Pisces, I have always yearned for a more gentle and ethereal existence. As a child, I was constantly daydreaming - I still do! But the truth is that matter matters and is the reason we are even here on Earth. Imagine getting to the other side and having your life review with the angels and your spirit guides only to learn that you failed Earth School because you were too lazy to deal with the physical realm. Not fun AND you'd have to do it all over again!


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My Full Moon in Capricorn Tarot Reading with the Muse Tarot and the Dragon Wisdom Oracle

For the Tarot spread layout, click HERE. The decks used are The Muse Tarot and the Dragon Wisdom Oracle (affiliate links).

  1. An expression of authority that needs attention - 9 of Voices/Swords: My authority over negative thoughts, fear and anxiety needs addressing.
  2. What is blocking this expression within me - 3 of Materials/Pentacles: A lack of trust in the support of the physical beings around me. It makes me feel as if no matter what I do, those around me have more power so they can thwart any good I try to manifest.
  3. How to use this expression of authority for the Highest Good - 5 of Voices/Swords: The expression of authority over fear and negative thoughts should be used to walk away from any places and situations where more such energy is being generated. I got the same message in my Summer Solstice reading so the Tarot really has my attention on this now.
  4. Where I am called to lead (external circumstances, groups, etc) - The Sun: The Sun is about my personality so basically, any situation where my personality is suited to take on more of a leadership role. I'm quite happy with this fluid approach because none of us have the answers all of the time. It's an organic approach to leadership.
  5. How to make sure I keep my authority balanced with nurturing - Page of Voices/Swords: Keep studying how to. Much learning lies ahead. Keep asking myself if I'm in balance. Be curious about the energetics of it and how my thoughts impacts those energetics. This is also a reminder that I can use my voice and how I question reality to nurture myself and others. But with an immature Page here, I need to think and make sure I'm aligned with love before I open my mouth. When I speak from a place of fear, I speak with a false sense of authority in resistance to a perceived threat. This is a weak position that drains me and everyone around me of power. I need to stop doing this. This balanced approach is really the antidote to the negativity of the 9 of Swords. 

Additional guidance from the Dragon Wisdom Oracle - Companions: Learning to trust my spirit guides will help me to learn to trust the humans I'm surrounded with. I am supported; I just have to open my eyes and heart to it.


Lisa Frideborg

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