07 June 2021

I Jumped In!



Today's card from the Starseed Oracle is 'Jump In.' The vibe of the imagery is Andromedan. In other words, it's a call to: Take a risk! Embrace change! Go on another adventure! 

I actually really love the image of the iris that looks like a nebula - It's stunning. I can just sit and stare at this card. 

But that would be missing the point. It's time to take action! So today I did. I moved past my usual social inertia and went to a local meet-up. Some of the people I already knew from A Stand in the Park but more than half were new faces. 

Every new person you meet is a portal to another Universe. That's how I always used to look at the dating experience too many moons ago when I was still single and dating. It made it enjoyable. I rarely expected more than that unique point in time when I got to gaze into the vast expanse of the experience of another fellow human being. 

I suppose in that sense I can relate to the Andromedan spirit of adventure though my travelling days are pretty much over now... and not just because of current government restrictions. I have dogs and I really don't like going anywhere without them.

Besides, I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. I wake up feeling lucky and grateful every single day. 

So do you need to travel to go on an adventure? Or do you even need to meet other people? How about going within and meeting yourSELF and/or your Spirit Guides? Sometimes the latter feels like even more of an adventure because of the lack of limitations imposed when you move your consciousness through to higher dimensions.

It's just another illusion though. The biggest adventure you can have is to be here NOW - fully embodied, with a 'hand in your hand.' That's when you become the answer to the prayers of your ancestors. Today, meeting up with other fully awake souls who see through the propaganda, I truly felt that. 

It's early days but I feel the Earth changing under my feet and yes, I will say yes to change. I will jump in and make the most of it! The upcoming Eclipse can help clear the path for any obstacles still in the way. Let's do this!


Lisa Frideborg


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