10 June 2021

Dragons of Duality - The Solar Eclipse Energies


Dragons of Duality - The Solar Eclipse Energies

In the days leading up to this New Moon in Gemini Solar Eclipse, I had to face the three dragons of destruction within myself: Tyranniel (despotism and judgement), Satariel (limitation and oppression) and Vampyriel (emotional manipulation and victimhood). I also got to meet their transmuted counterparts: Thunder, Samson and Victor. I realised that they live inside me and that on a spectrum, I will probably fall somewhere in the middle on most days. 

On good days, I accept this fully. On not so good days, I'm in that tug of war within myself of good vs evil. Duality is, of course, one of the main Gemini themes and on an Eclipse when the Moon gets in the way of the Sun, this theme is not lessened, it's strengthened. 

These may seem like random personal musings but wait for it - synchronicity is at play here too. That is why I decided to share it on the blog. You see, I had been waiting for the Beyond Lemuria Oracle Cards for well over a month. They finally arrived today, 10 June, on the day of the Annular Solar Eclipse... on the day of our Baptism of Fire.

It's the pocket edition of the Beyond Lemuria Oracle so the descriptions are on the backs of the cards. This makes them ideal for using as a daily contemplative focus but less ideal for divination. Nevertheless, I decided to divine today's energies with them. It's possible to pick a card without peeking. I got none other than the dragon-themed card you see above - the dragons of duality! This was also the card that kicked me in the gut as I flipped through the deck to look at the images after it arrived.

The title of the card is Fire: Solerus Sublime. On the back of the card it reads (not sharing the full text): "We live in a dualistic world (...) By accepting and loving all of ourselves as we are, we can extend more of this love eand have greater compassion for others."

You really can't say fairer than that on a day such as this, can you?

Below you will find my TikTok Oracle Card Reading for the Collective for today's eclipse. I hope you are making the most of these wonderful (if tricky) gateway energies!


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