27 May 2021

There Be Dragons - Dragon Guardians and Draco Starseeds


There Be Dragons...

Are you drawn to dragons? You're not alone! Many humans on Earth right now feel a strong connection to the Dragon realm. Some are being contacted and others are actively seeking contact with higher-dimensional dragon guardians through meditation and shamanic journeying.

Dragon Guardians

Dragon guardians are just as real as guardian angels. Our Dragon Guardians can help us with a balanced expression of personal power. If we have a weak or less than optimal solar plexus chakras, our Dragon Guardians can restore vitality. They can teach us how to pluck up our courage and own our power instead of giving it away. Equally, if our solar plexus chakras are overactive, they can help us chill and balance the energy out.

Dragon guardians can also help us become more grounded and heal our root chakras. They are especially good to work with for spiritually minded folk who tend to ignore their lower chakras in favour of hanging out in the upper chakras.

It has been said that we each have a dragon guardian just like we have a guardian angel. There are many popular guided meditations on YouTube that can help you connect with your dragon guardian. I took a test ride with the one below to make sure I could recommend it: 

My First Meeting with a Dragon 

I first made contact with my current (yes, they can change!) dragon guardian in 2019 by simply setting the intent and journeying to a recording of shamanic drumming. It was an incredibly powerful experience but it wasn't my first intense experience of contact with a dragon.

The first contact with a dragon happened around 2003-2004, not long after I was attuned to Dragon Reiki. I had been told by the person who attuned me to Dragon Reiki that I had little red dragon guardian. Imagine my shock and surprise when a huge black dragon woke me up in the middle of the night after I received my attunement. 

In fact, I was so shocked that I stopped doing Dragon Reiki and asked Spirit to de-attune me. Nothing bad happened to me... It's just that the dragon was so real and it looked straight into my eyes. The black dragon returned yesterday morning in meditation. This time, I got a name. I'm keeping the name secret because that is what I'm guided to do. I recommend you do the same unless you are specifically given permission to share the name of your dragon guardian. Dragons, like the wise mages they are, know the power of someone's true name.

Draco Starseeds

There are also those who have a reptilian Draco Starseed lineage incarnated on Earth right now. In fact, they have been with us for hundreds of thousands of years according to some sources. Some of those Starseeds are here for power and control, while others are here to help. Not all Dracos are evil but they have all had many soul lessons around power. Check out the two videos below for additional information.



If you are a reptilian or Draco starseed, you are probably more inclined to seek out your dragon guardian. However, most Starseeds on Earth are hybrids and many if not most of us have some reptilian input. This is good to remember before we start demonising the reptilians. Also worth remembering are the nobel traits expressed by many Dracos, as well as the fact that they too can ascend and become enlightened beings. Dracos are very much part of the web, both in terms of our history and DNA.

Are you a Draco or reptilian hybrid starseed? I would love to hear from you in the comments. Likewise, I'd love to know if you have made contact with your dragon guardian. 


Lisa Frideborg

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