08 November 2021

Star Ancestors -- I Feel the Gods in My Body


Star Ancestors

Our body is a masterpiece of the cosmos. Our body carries within it the stars, the moon, the universe, and the presence of all our ancestors. How many millions of years of evolution has it taken to give rise to these wondrous two eyes, legs, feet and hands?
- Thich Nhat Hanh

Did you miss me? Sorry for not blogging on here in the past couple of months but I had to focus on getting through the 75 Hard program. I completed this on Friday, 5 November, and am very pleased with the process of growth and transformation that took place in this mental toughness challenge. Not even for a second did I contemplate giving up before reaching the finishing line. Most of the good habits I implemented, I will keep in my life--especially the reading and working out daily. I'm not going to miss having to take a daily progress picture or chugging a gallon of water a day though.

Some time ago, while still doing 75 Hard, I decided to dedicate myself to following the old gods of my Norse ancestors in the New Year (at Samhain) to see what I can learn from them about myself and life in general. I have written some more about my thinking around this decision in my post about Connecting with Odin for anybody who is interested. 

02 September 2021

How to Tend the Flames of Your Heart


how to tend the flames of your heart

This morning, after my second 75 Hard workout and 5-minute cold shower, I was listening to  Dr Billy Alsbrook as I was getting dressed. The track below is probably my favourite track of his. I get so many goosebumps from it. It ignites my desire to express myself. On a 3 Lifepath, self-expression is everything. Somewhere along the line, I lost faith in myself and my creativity. I looked around at what everybody else was doing and started wondering if that was what I should be doing too... WRONG!

29 August 2021

Creative Flow vs Structure and Discipline


 “It’s time you realized that you have something in you more powerful and miraculous than the things that affect you and make you dance like a puppet.” – Marcus Aurelius

Have you ever had an urge to do something creative but felt blocked by all the clutter around you? If you decided to tidy up first so that you won't be distracted when you get stuck in creating, you already understand what I'm about to explain here.

24 August 2021

How Do You Water Your Garden?


Water Your Garden - Starseed Oracle

Il faut cultiver notre jardin.


Humans are inherently lazy and full of excuses. Let's be honest here... Are you living up to your full potential? Only a handful of people on Earth are doing that right now. Maybe you are one of them. Chance are you're not. I'm not. I certainly haven't been for most of my life. There have been the odd growth spurt here and there but the excuses and inherent laziness seemed to always get the upper hand. 

12 August 2021

Yeshua, The Void and The Fool


Yeshua, The Void and The Fool

 ‘For in Him we live and move and have our being.’ (Acts 17:28)

The Void is the great cosmic womb. It's the zero point in the number 108. It is all possibilities before the beginning at any new creation or venture. It is Source. It is Dark Matter. It is the source and cauldron of all miracles. 

In silence, we can connect with the void and find complete peace. The void is no stranger. It is our Mother. We know Her well because she gave birth to the light of our spirits.

We need no intermediary to know the Void. We need no rules or hierarchies to reconnect. Nor do we need to blindly obey the writings in a specific text. We simply need to re-member. Yeshua showed us this. The Fool in the Tarot shows us this. And anybody who knows this is a beloved kindred heretic.

Be wary of those who claim to have exclusive access to secrets and mysteries--especially when those secrets come with a hefty price tag, or when the the price is blind obedience. Those false prophets are not the favourite children of the Great Mother--quite the contrary!

Below you'll find a video about the teachings of Yeshua. The Son of Man did not endorse the worship of a God who feeds his children snakes. Paul Wallis is extremely good at making sense of the mess the church (read Rome) made of the teachings of Christ.


 The card at the top of the post is from The Starseed Oracle (affiliate link)

Love and Blessings,


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26 July 2021

When Is This War Over?


The Great Severing - The Starseed Oracle

 Beloved Starseeds, it's time to create a shift from fear and separation to love and unity, starting with 'the man in the mirror'!

It's no secret that we're in the middle of WW3, nor is it a secret that this war is psychological in nature. It's fuzzy and hard to make sense of what is actually happening on the battle front from day to day because of the trillions of bits of data streaming through our social media feeds and the news every day. And how much of what we come across is actually true? 

It's wonder we haven't all lost the plot by now. Or maybe we have. Maybe, sometimes losing the plot looks like locking oneself into a rigid mindset, accompanied by an equally rigid heart--certainly not a heart that has any love for the perceived enemies. It's hard to quit once both heart and mind have become fixed but many of us are battle weary now and just wish to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So when is this war going to be over? Shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone -- It could be over before you finish reading this sentence. How? You need to shift from engaging with the enemy psychologically and focus on taking your power/sense of self back. If you decide to do that, it's instant. And then you can serve where it really matters--not in a propaganda war waged by some dying despots--but for the people.

And I'm not talking about just the people who have been fighting alongside you in this psy-ops war--I'm talking about all of humanity, anybody who needs your help and whom you are qualified to help.

Try it--It might even make you feel better and as if the world is suddenly a less chaotic place to be in. At least, that's what happened to me.

Today's card from the Starseed Oracle is resonant with the Angelic Tarot Activation for The Emperor (Aries, ruled by Mars), so I suggest you hop on over there and read it!


Lisa Frideborg

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17 July 2021

Let's Talk About Spiritual Warfare


Let's Talk About Spiritual Warfare

More and more people are awakening to the fact that we are in a spiritual war. It's literally good vs. evil. People who never believed that evil was real before or who never bothered looking to the Highest Good are suddenly realising that evil is very real and also that there is a guiding force for good that comes from Creator. 

This guiding force helps us in our search for solutions to very pressing problems of the kind that are threatening to tear the very fabric of our society asunder. There is an increasing awareness that those who are both doing the tearing and who wish to reshape the world once it's been torn have a very sinister agenda indeed.

 The guiding force is known by many names - I call it the Holy Spirit. This is the same Spirit that descended on Yeshua at his baptism and that then proceded to guide him into the desert for 40-day fast. During this fast Yeshua met with all the major temptations that we as humans have to face in our lifetime and thanks to relying on the Holy Spirit, he overcame them all.

Yeshua told us that we would be able to do all the things he had done and more. He never placed himself above us but sought to point out the path for us to become Christed like him. Much of what he taught was perverted by the church. I feel it is more important than ever to gain clarity about what Christ's teachings actually were because humanity needs to evolve very rapidly indeed in order to survive and overcome the evil that is now seeking to enslave us. 

Three Tools or 'Weapons' to Help You Win the War

Today, I will share three resources that I have found helpful in fighting this war from a spiritual point of view. The first is The Gospel of Thomas. This contains most of Yeshua's teachings in their purest form. I would especially like to recommend the translation and commentary by Jean-Yves Leloup. This is good daily reading to help us understand the Will of God and stay centred in it.

The second resource is a tool that will help you connect with your own inner guidance in a very pure way. It's the I Ching. On my substack blog, I have been documenting my journey with the I Ching and that is one of the reason this blog has been on the backburner for a while. Essentially, the I Ching is energy-saving and energy-balancing resource. A skillful commander must know when to strike and also when to retreat. The I Ching helps you see clearly when to do what.

Finally, I wholeheartedly recommend watching the three-part video series below with Patrick Haize. Know thy enemy. Patrick is able to give a very clear birdseye view of the kinds of forces and entities we are up agains in this spiritual war. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the post, you'll find a bonus tool/weapon...

Bonus Tip

If you made it this far, you'll probably be interested in this next tip too. It's very simple. It's a little thing known as prayer. My favourite form of prayer is to use light language aka 'speaking in tongues.' Light language allows for Spirit to guide the prayer completely, without our intellectual input. It's an act of absolute faith in God and instantly aligns us with the Way/Tao/Christ Light.

That's not to say we can't or shouldn't pray more traditional prayers too. I like them and use them too, especially The Lord's Prayer, the Rosary and the Prayer to St Michael:

 Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection
against wickedness and snares of
the devil; may God rebuke him,
we humbly pray, and do thou
O Prince of the heavenly hosts,
by the power of God,
thrust into hell Satan and all
the evil spirits who wander
throught he world
seeking the ruin of souls.

29 June 2021

Weight of the World - Starseed Oracle

Starseed Oracle Weight of the World

On my journey through the Starseed Oracle, I have arrived at 'Weight of the World.' This is happening at a time where I'm learning what it feels like to completely let go and let God, vs trying to save the world and fix every wrong I come across. 

27 June 2021

Health Secretary Reshuffle Tarot Reading


Health Secretary Reshuffle Tarot Reading

For this reading about the recent Health Secretary reshuffle, we are reading with The Complete Tarot Kit by Running Press. I'm not going to speculate about whether the affair was real or staged, though clearly the timing for the release of the video of Hancock and his married mistress recorded in May was carefully planned. Regardless, it was the trigger for the long since prophecied moment of Hancock being 'fed to the lions.'

26 June 2021

Authority Revisited on the Starseed Oracle Journey


Starseed Oracle All Paths Lead Home

The people were amazed at his teaching, because he taught them as one who had authority, not as the teachers of the law. (Mark 1:22)

One of the main themes of the most recent Full Moon in Capricorn was authority. In fact, I created a Tarot spread to help us examine our relationship with authority. I also blogged my own reading with this spread HERE.

24 June 2021

Matter Matters - A Full Moon in Capricorn Tarot Reading


Full Moon in Capricorn

On the day of the Full Moon in Capricorn, my card of the day is the King of Pentacles. Just before I pulled my daily Tarot card, I was listening to James Finley's book about the teachings of Meister Eckhart. He talks about how both a fear of dying and longing for death means that you haven't learned how to live fully. I'm guessing that learning how to live fully is one of the reasons I incarnated as a Capricorn Sun sign this time around.

22 June 2021

The Seven Star Sisters



Surrender to the will of the Divine 

and watch what is born through you

Become the vessel, the Holy Grail

and carry the DNA of the One

21 June 2021

Solar Logos Summer Solstice Tarot Reading


Summer Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice, fellow Starseeds! Hope you are well and enjoying the sunshine at peak power. Naturally, it's overcast where I am. I live in the North of England, after all.

But this doesn't stop me from celebrating the longest day of the year. Last night after an evening walk in some bonus sunshine (picture evidence above), I did my summer solstice reading, using the Solar Logos Summer Solstice Tarot Spread (click link for the layout and additional info) and the Medieval Europe Tarot deck.

16 June 2021

My Soul Song


A Wordless Song - Starseed Oracle Whale and Oraca Elders

In my dreams, the song of my soul is wordless. It's a song of movement, or a dance in other words. It spirals upward. When I have to speak, I want my words to have that lyrical quality. Otherwise they have no meaning.

14 June 2021

The Bigger Picture


bigger picture big picture thinking starseed oracle

This is the Starseed Oracle card I pulled to align and connect with my Star Family and my mission today. And boy is something BIG going down today. The lies have just exploded as the government is seeking to manipulate us into a lockdown extension. The pushback is equally MASSIVE. People are protesting in London and I wish I could be there.

10 June 2021

Dragons of Duality - The Solar Eclipse Energies


Dragons of Duality - The Solar Eclipse Energies

In the days leading up to this New Moon in Gemini Solar Eclipse, I had to face the three dragons of destruction within myself: Tyranniel (despotism and judgement), Satariel (limitation and oppression) and Vampyriel (emotional manipulation and victimhood). I also got to meet their transmuted counterparts: Thunder, Samson and Victor. I realised that they live inside me and that on a spectrum, I will probably fall somewhere in the middle on most days. 

08 June 2021

Mind Reboot Tarot Reading for the New Moon in Gemini Solar Eclipse


This morning, during my usual morning meditation, I connected with Mother Mary via the blue angelic ray. She stepped forward with a message about keeping my mind like the eternally blue skies above the clouds. That is exactly the kind of mind reboot I'm hoping to manifest on the New Moon in Gemini Solar Eclipse. 

07 June 2021

I Jumped In!



Today's card from the Starseed Oracle is 'Jump In.' The vibe of the imagery is Andromedan. In other words, it's a call to: Take a risk! Embrace change! Go on another adventure! 

I actually really love the image of the iris that looks like a nebula - It's stunning. I can just sit and stare at this card. 

04 June 2021

Dogs and Dolphins from Sirius - Messenger from the Starseed Oracle


As some of you are aware, galactic whales and dolphins are from Sirius B and felidae (cat beings) and canidae (dog beings) are from Sirius A. Today's card from the Starseed Oracle is 'Messenger,' a card that carries the Sirius frequency. It felt highly synchronicitous when it appeared. You see, last night, I had a dream about my dog, Nimmy (a JackTzu), swimming in a large bowl of water (she is a very tiny dog) and looking up at me underwater. Essentially, she was swimming under water as if she were a dolphin, playing in the surf.

03 June 2021

I Know You From a Past Life



My experiences of meeting soul mates, i.e. souls from the same soul group, in this incarnation is one of the reasons why the Starseed concept reconsated so strongly when I first came across it about 10 years ago. To me, the Star Family concept is no different to the soul group concept.

27 May 2021

There Be Dragons - Dragon Guardians and Draco Starseeds


There Be Dragons...

Are you drawn to dragons? You're not alone! Many humans on Earth right now feel a strong connection to the Dragon realm. Some are being contacted and others are actively seeking contact with higher-dimensional dragon guardians through meditation and shamanic journeying.

Dragon Guardians

Dragon guardians are just as real as guardian angels. Our Dragon Guardians can help us with a balanced expression of personal power. If we have a weak or less than optimal solar plexus chakras, our Dragon Guardians can restore vitality. They can teach us how to pluck up our courage and own our power instead of giving it away. Equally, if our solar plexus chakras are overactive, they can help us chill and balance the energy out.

24 May 2021

A 6th Sun Tarot Reading + Arcturian Meditation


Earlier today, I shared a bit about what is happening on 26 May on my other blog. As many of you are probably aware, we have a Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (total, visible in the Southern Hemisphere). But did you also know that 26 May 2021 is also the start of the Age of the 6th Sun, according to Aztec prophecies?

22 May 2021

A Hand in Your Hand - How to Know if You're Awake

Yeshua saw infants being suckled. He said to his disciples, "These infants being suckled are like those who enter the kingdom."
They said to him, "Shall we then, as children, enter the kingdom?"

21 May 2021

A Starseed Awakening Dark Night of the Soul


was jesus an ET unicorn christ consciousness

My Starseed awakening happened in stages. It began almost ten years ago and culminated last year with a Dark Night of the Soul which I blogged quite extensively about on my other blog, angelorum.co. See for instance 'Turn or Burn - Twice.'

Today, having emerged fully on the other side of this dark period of my life, I decided to revive my old Starseed blog. Looking back over what I published on this blog in the past brings back memories of my mental state from nine years ago.

Labradorite - A Starseed Connection Crystal


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