09 December 2012

Are Starseeds more "spiritually evolved" than humans?

The Fool from the Arcturian Tarot

The notion that Starseeds are more "spiritually evolved" than other souls having a human experience is rather silly. It's a bit like saying that a child that has learned to walk is worth more than a child that has not yet mastered this skill. The former is not more "physiologically evolved" - just older.

Starseeds have the benefit of having experienced other worlds but even so, this knowledge is hidden in our subconscious minds, so to which degree others benefit from it in our service to humanity on this planet, depends on our ability to tune in and let go of any blocks to wisdom and understanding.

It is for the purpose of letting go of blocks that it is paramount for Starseeds to not only re-member who they are but to also be completely transparent and authentic about their true nature. The sooner we can re-learn to navigate effortlessly between different states of consciousness, the more people we will be able to help.

It is also true that the universal subconscious mind that a Starseed can access can be accessed by any soul on this planet, and as humanity begins to awaken we will begin to see more and more humans beginning to tap into the same field of intelligence. This is as it should be and in fact one of the reasons we are here.

When Starseeds awaken and come together, we make the field easier to access for all. This is another reason the Starseed Awakening has to take place in awareness and out of the closet.

All souls on this planet - Starseeds and Humans alike - are now receiving activation codes from Guardians of Gaia in preparation for the Shift. We are all being rewired and Starseeds are here to help with the process as we have already gone through this on other worlds. Some of us are also here to actively prevent humanity from destroying the planet.

The main thing that sets Starseeds apart is not spiritual giftedness but a sense of having a mission. Many of us will be done after this incarnation. Eventually, every single soul in every corner of the multiverse gets to return to the same Source from whence we all came.

In the end, we all have to have the whole Fool's Journey experience on this planet. Born with heightened sensitivity, there is not one bit of human suffering that is not deeply and acutely known to Starseeds who journey here.

It's not a competition. It's an experience. Human or ET, kindness is all that matters in the end... and love is the only lasting legacy anywhere in the multiverse.

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